Hydrotherapy | Sage Health Center

Hydrotherapy utilizes one of our most basic elements, water, to treat the entire body.  There are several forms of this effective treatment, and has been known to help treat almost any condition.  It is used to cleanse and rebuild metabolism while also stimulating whole body healing.

At Sage Health Center, we use hot and cold towels that are applied to varies parts of the body to create a pump-like action in the circulatory and lymph systems.  Wet towels are applied to varies parts of the body depending on the chief complaint.  Hot towels bring blood, oxygen, and vital nutrients to all the organs and cells of the body.  Cold towels shunt the blood deeper and waste is pumped out through the lymph system.  The towels are alternated repeatedly to create the pumping action needed for better elimination of toxins, which allows the body to heal itself.

This method is used for promoting overall health and immune system strength. Please call the office if you have any further questions about hydrotherapy.