After a bad experience, I was reluctant to try acupuncture again, but having tried many things to get ride of pain, I figured I would give it another try.  I am glad I did.  Dr. Rudd is knowledgeable & personable.  A joy to be her patient.  Plus I am getting better.

Dee Dee G

I am impressed by Dr. Rudd’s thoroughness in researching an illness or physical complaint. She monitored my thyroid performance and when she palpated the gland, she detected a tiny nodule that proved to be malignant. She is a gifted physician with a lovely personality as well.

Joette S.

“I’m eating healthier, my body feels better – even if the scale doesn’t show it yet, I’m making better choices”.

Janis S.

After being in a bad car accident, Dr Rudd’s Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, and Bowen treatments really helped me to get back to my day to day. I was amazed at how quickly the acupuncture helped my pain, and am glad to say that I’m on the mend.  I would definitely recommend Dr Rudd to anyone looking for alternative treatments.

John B.